3. Basics of Joinery


Read Volumes 1 & 2 of the Beginner’s Guide before attempting any woodworking project lead by us.

Through Mortise & Tenon

This mortise is a through-hole,​ meaning that the tenon is visible at its point of exit on the outer face of the mortise piece. The shoulders of the tenon should be flush against the inner face of the workpiece (the point of entry).

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Through Dovetail

Dovetail joint is one of the strongest woodworking joints that has been traditionally used to build cabinets and drawers.  There are two main components in a normal dovetail joint, they are called Pins and Tails. The pins are cut into the end grain of the workpiece whereas the tails are cut along the grain.

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Sliding Dovetail

Another iteration of the Mortise and Tenon, but with a dovetail shape, which makes the joint really strong and versatile due to its interlocking shape!

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Half-Blind Dovetail

The half-blind dovetail is an option to those who would prefer the end grain not to be visible on the front of the joint.

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