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We offer a great selection of the finest timbers for your craft projects. Whatsapp/SMS us at +65 91178440 to let us know of your interest. Our price sheet is available below, just click the button to browse or place an order.

We have a very wide selection of timbers which we are slowly uploading for display on this page. Pictures are for reference only and usually shows the finished presentations of the timbers. Only a limited selection is displayed here, the rest can be selected in the price sheet.

Raw timber will not look the same, so kindly consult with us before ordering. Usual stock thickness is 45mm and below, some woods are available up to 100mm on special request.

Boards wider than 150mm are usually glue-laminated from more than 1 piece of wood unless otherwise specified.

Our plywood selection is also priced in the same price sheet.

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African Mahogany

Commonly known as Khaya, our African Mahogany is locally sourced, salvaged from dead fall and trees felled for land clearing. One of the classic timbers, Khaya is a golden brown colour with a deep chatoyancy under sunlight. The interlocked grain produces unique challenges when carving and planing. Traditionally a premium imported furniture building wood, it is recently available moderately priced due to being locally sourced.

Thickness 45mm and below, available up to 100mm on special request.

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Black Walnut

A classic amongst woodworkers around the world. We offer walnut of the highest quality available locally, with a deep dark grain and occasionally available in high figure. This material has one of a smoothest grains available amongst medium density hardwoods, along with Teak and Beech.

Thickness 45mm and below.

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White Ash

Ash has an unmistakable open grain pattern, which finishes into one of the whitest woods for fine furniture. It is also a great bass and guitar building wood. Our current stock is pristine and almost flawless, a grade that we might not be able to guarantee for long.

Thickness 45mm and below. Up to 100mm available on special request.

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Phone/ WhatsApp: +65 9117 8440