Terms & Conditions

Terms And Conditions

You must agree to all the stated clauses before registering and attending classes.

Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation 6 hours from registration.

Cancellation charges of 30% apply after 6 hours from registration.

No postponement within 7 days of booking for single day classes.

Safety And Regulation

You are required to follow all our regulations upon entry to the workshop.

Dress Code

General Safety Requirement

No Rings, Bangles and Watches during machinery operation.

Eye Protection must be worn at all times.

Covered Shoes at all times.

Short Sleeves, no gloves when operating machinery.


Long pants recommended, appropriate gloves when handling materials.

Restriction of Workshop Usage

We reserve the right to restrict, suspend or terminate your access to our facilities if we feel that your entry into our facilities puts you and other users at risk. There will be no obligation for refund of any class fees paid upon termination of your activities.

Disqualification of Class Attendance

For our more advanced classes lasting several weeks, we reserve the rights to advise your disqualification you from class attendance if we deem the class is too difficult of you, or that you are, for any reason, not suitable for the class you have registered for. Our advice will be given in 3 stages according to the following procedure:

1st Advice Given within 3rd Visit, Full Refund Of Course Fees.

2nd Advice Given, Pro-rated refund of Course Fees up to that lesson inclusive.

3rd Advice Given, No-Refund, we reserve the rights for immediate disqualification.

Insurance Coverage

All students are insured as third parties. Upon entry to our workshop, you agree to follow all safety regulations, and not enter restricted zones with signages indicated. You agree to indemnify us of all claims for damage to your property and personal injury that arise due to your disobedience, violation of our safety regulations stated herein or unauthorised operations of tools and machinery.

Our insurance coverage will not extend to unsupervised and self-directed activities, within our premises, especially if proper personal protection equipment is not worn.

Fees and Charges

Class Fees

You agree to pay all fees due promptly. All Class Fees are due before 1st Day of Class.


SkillsFuture and other similar government funding portals are entities independent from Tombalek. Funding application has to be applied by each individual student. We do not give any guarantee for funding approval and all class fees are due in full if the students fail to apply for funding before class begins.

Storage/Extension Fees

All Multi-Day Classes come with a complimentary storage term. Upon exceeding the free storage term, fees apply at the amount stated on the registration page, depending on the size of the item. This amount is typically $3/day but might be different at the time of registration for different classes.

We reserve the right to restrict your workshop entry if you fail to make payments for your storage extension.

Your project will be scrapped by default after 60 days of non-payment.



We will be taking photographs and videos during your time here, you might appear in our social media, advertising and website pictures in part or in full. You agree to our usage of your photos in our marketing material by default. Do let us know if you would not like to be photographed and we will not use your photos for our marketing. If you love being in photos let us know too we’d take more of you!

If you change your mind and would like a picture to be removed, please contact us at 91178440.

Contact/Personal Details

All personal details such as NRIC and Credit details will be kept confidential and only used for administrative purposes.

For contact reasons, we will be adding your phone number into group chats limited to our instructors and your classmates. Do let us know if you would prefer to remain anonymous.

Intellectual Property

All designs and creation of furniture and object created in our facilities are agreed to be public property by default. Tombalek is a place of exchange of ideas, and your creations might be referenced or copied in part by other users and also our team. There will be no IP claims by any students/craftsman over works and designs that are created in the workshop. However, we love great ideas and we sometimes offer great deals for students that make awesome stuff!

If you need to protect your work formally, please contact us for a special arrangement for private workspaces and IP protection.


Bank Transfer/PayNow

Only Payments made to the following accounts will be accepted:

Account Name: Tombalek
Bank: UOB
Bank Account: 324-309-6268
Branch  Code: 012

Paynow Account: 53294626W