AkzoNobel 1964 Polyurethane Wood Glue


The legendary 1964 Polyurethane Wood Glue from AkzoNobel. Bonds any wood to any wood. Whether it’s waxy, resinous or just completely impervious, AkzoNobel’s 1964 formulation would hold one forever.

Squeezes out as a clear yellow gel, 1964 quickly expands to up to 4 times it’s volume, forming a dense foam that penetrates deep into the wood’s pores and fills up any dry joint areas. With a fitting time of 15 minutes before it starts gripping, 1964 PU Glue is ready for sanding and planing after 45 minutes. Full strength and waterproof after 6 hours.

1964 also has a no-slip characteristic, making glue joints come together without the slip and slide you’d experience with white glue and aliphatic resin glues.

There’s no better wood glue for your woodworking needs than 1964 Polyurethane Adhesive.

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