Spindle Chair Making Class


Who is it for?

This series of furniture-making classes is beginner-friendly. Each project is expertly supervised by our team of instructors, ensuring that fine details of each woodworking and wood turning step is covered. The chair is the advanced level project that takes 25 hours approximately to finish.

Students need to be at least 16 years old to attend unsupervised.

For younger students age 12-15 years, please request for an instructor-aided class.

For those who have less time and would like a shorter project, our Spindle Table Making Class or Spindle Stool Making Class might be more suitable.


Please call +65 91178440 for any inquiries!


*** Do note that woodworking exposes you to dust, noise and the risk of injury. While our workshops are expertly supervised and conducted with professional equipment, attendance for this class is at your own risk.


(SkillsFuture | CRS-N-0043554)

Course Start Date *

Our new Chair Making Class is now open for registration, more dates coming soon!

Call +65 91178440 for special arrangements!

Classes run for 8 consecutive weeks from start date, except 24th December 2018 to 1st January 2019 where the shop will be closed for a full week.


Your choice of timber for the seat project. (Default subject to seasonal changes.)

We have 4 options for split spindles

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Instructor Assistance

Our classes are suitable for ages 16 and up. Ages 12-15 would require a dedicated instructor to assist in some machining portions. Any younger would not qualify for this class!

Gift Certificate!

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Introduction to Fine Woodworking

(SkillsFuture | CRS-N-0043554)

This class is part of our Spindle Turning series, utilising a round wedged-tenon joinery to create a distinct aesthetic. Just like the Spindle Stool, the Spindle Chair requires very extensive carving on the seat, which is done mainly with the Travisher and Orbital Sander. The class takes about 25 hours to complete, after which you’d be rewarded with your own handcrafted chair.


*Schedule is subject to change if our head instructor is unwell or unable to teach on the scheduled dates.

Do note our cancellation and postponement policy:

Cancellations charge of $180 applicable only 60 days before course start date.

Postponement charge apply at $90 if made 30 days before course start date.

Postponement charge apply at $180 if made less than 30 days before course start date.



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