Practical Woodworking


Who is it for?

This class is most suited to those with at least 10-50 hours of woodworking experience and have a strong passion for woodworking and product design. You will be expected to design your own furniture project in fine detail, so students with no experience or poor visualisation ability might find the class less productive.  However, you can still attend the class without the pre-requisite, just be prepared to work extra hard.

We usually recommend a simple structured project like our Table Making Class for complete beginners.

This is also a great course for carpentry professionals looking to upgrade their skills from standard plywood carpentry.


*** Do note that woodworking exposes you to dust, noise and the risk of injury. While our workshops are expertly supervised and conducted with professional equipment, attendance for this class is at your own risk.

Start Date *

Indicated date is only the start date, you’d be attending the consecutive weeks starting from that date and complete the project in 30 days, call +6591178440 for clarification!

Gift Certificate!

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Class Structure

This woodworking course is designed to equip you with the fundamental knowledge of machinery, power tools and hand tools operation. It is ideal for those seeking to solidify their understanding of woodworking, moving from DIY home woodworking into more industrial techniques. It is a project-based class and requires individuals to come up with their own project design under our guidance and executing it within 30 days.

We also have seasonal project kits for those who don’t have the confidence to design from scratch. Feel free to follow or deviate from the seasonal project.


*Schedule is subject to change if our instructors are unwell or unable to teach on the scheduled dates.

Do note our cancellation and postponement policy:

No cancellations once payment is received.

Postponement charged at $180 if made less than 30 days before class starts.



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