Practical Woodworking


Practical Woodworking


This class aims to provide you with the basics skills required for working safely and effectively in a woodworking workshop. 12 hours of skills classes prepare you to handle most tasks, with an additional 12 hours of consultation on applying those techniques to your specific project. Another 24 hours of free time is allocated for working on your coursework to complete any projects of your conception.

Week 1 Intro to Basic Machinery

Week 2 Intro to Template Routing

Week 3 Application of Machinery & Hand Tool Techniques

Week 4 Project Refinement & Finishing

Each Week consists of 3 hours of formal skills classes, 3 hours of guided coursework on your project and 6 hours of additional coursework practice.

Apart from the fixed schedule of formal classes, the remainder of coursework is flexible by appointment throughout 30 days.

Storage of projects are free within 30 days of the start date.

Only Scrap for practice is provided, additional materials are not provided for this class and are billed separately.

SkillsFuture – Practical Woodworking

*Do note that Tombalek is not responsible for ensuring the disbursement of any training grants or credit claims. Should any claims not be able to be processed, you have to agree to pay the full fees in cash.

*We are discontinuing this class from 29th May 2021 and it will cease its Skillsfuture Credit eligibility from that day. Look out for our exciting new offerings after that date!

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