Practical Metalworking


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Practical Metalworking


This course aims to prepare participants to work with metals, particularly steels. Metalworking requires the understanding of basic metallurgy and material science so extensive theoretical discussions are covered. The theoretical understanding is tested by application in a series of coursework. Completion of the class and coursework will allow individuals to safely approach metalworking and prevent accidents during everyday operations.

Who is it for?

This class is meant for anyone who is looking to begin working with metal safely.

Age requirement: 18 years old to attend, for younger participants please call 91178440.

Topics Covered:
Week 1 –  Metal Types, Workshop Orientation
Week 2 –  Forging
Week 3 –  Welding
Week 4 –  Grinding And Polishing

Time Commitment

3-6 hours a week for 4 weeks. One day per week.

Dates shown are for FIRST day of class ONLY.

The rest of the lessons are flexible.



Choose one of our standard projects for your coursework or design your own.

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