The Pangolin, the end-all to your search for the all-rounder. The product of months of testing with flatground skater and freeriders, this is the one deck to get if you can’t make up your mind. Starting with a cruise and dance friendly mild rocker concave, the addition of mild flares extends the platform on this board to match that of much longer dancer boards while keeping the wheel base at 26″. Upturned kicks that stay poppy forever, what more could you ask for?

If you prefer small decks, consider the Fat Cat, which is the baby brother of the Pangolin at only 39″.


The Pangolin is the perfect blend between freeride and flat ground freestyle/dance with a flatter concave with subtle flares, at 41″ with 5″ kicks, it can easily match the platform size of 45″ dancers while staying swift and agile.

Perfectly placed point flares ensures your feet will stay locked in when sliding without interfering with your dance steps. Pops, grabs, slides, shuvs and pirouettes, there’s nothing you can’t do on this deck.


Board Length: 41″
Board Width: 9.8″
Kick Length: 5″
Wheelbase: 26″
Weight: 2.2kg
Concave: Mild Progressive
Profile: Rocker

Quadraxial Fiberglass Externals.
Light-weight Meranti Construction.
Epoxy Resin Lamination.
*All photos for illustration purposes only, our graphics and grip job are all seasonal.


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