The Orca is a downhill/freeride board with flat tub concave, microdrop on the front and a mild W pocket at rear. The slightly asymmetrical mold design is tailored for high speed downhill riding, while allowing for effortless transitions when riding switch. With an adjustable wheelbase from 24.5-26.5″ in 1/2 inch steps, this is the ultimate bomb deck.


Developed with extensive collaboration with the best downhill longboarders in Singapore, the Orca is a torpedo on the hills. With the intention of keeping the concave as simplistic and flat as possible, so as not to interfere with the rider’s foot pressure. Specific drops and pockets are placed right where you need them, and only where you need them. No fuss, no nonsense.

Board Length: 37″
Board Width: 10″

Kick Length: 5″
Wheelbase: 24.5/25/25.5/26/26.5″

High Pressure Laminate top and bottom with quadraxial fiberglass reinforcement.
Light-weight Meranti Cores.
Epoxy Resin Lamination for a weather-proof glue bond.


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