Mandai Table Making Class


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Mandai Table Making Class


The original Mandai Table is an adaptation of the Maloof joint for an elegant and fluid looking wooden table. This class is a relatively beginner friendly class that you can pick up without any experience at all, but does require quite a lot of carving which might be challenging for first-timers. Choose the standard size table to make it easier on your hands for first-timers, or go for the bigger table sizes to really challenge yourself. It is a great introduction to solid wood joinery, and will give you a glimpse of what it takes to create a simple piece of furniture.

Time Commitment

24-48 hours depending on size.

Project Coverage

30 days unlimited workshop usage for completing the project.

Dates shown are for FIRST day of class ONLY.

The rest of the lessons are flexible.


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Customise (OPTIONAL)

This project can be customised to your requirement, so you can make a larger table/bench or just the standard project size.

Max Dimensions (LxWxH) as follows:

Side tables (550x550x450mm)
Coffee Tables (900x550x450mm)
Lounge Tables (1200x600x450mm)
Sitting Bench (1200x400x450mm)

Mahogany is a warm orange brown tone, Walnut is a dark chocolatey brown.

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