Kranji Console


Kranji Console


The particular piece of Mahogany came from a batch of trees felled from the Kranji Link area, hence the name of the piece. This entry level project is perfect for those interested in learning steel welding and woodworking. This class is also perfect for pairs and groups. The class can be broken up into one student doing welding and one student doing the wood preparation.

The console is 45mmx300mmx1200mm and can also be used as a seating bench! You can make it smaller than this at no surcharges. For larger sizes, please consult with us via phone.

(TV Not Included.)

Time commitment

6 hours for 1-2 pax. Bring a friend to help if you're not confident of finishing it!


Welding & Woodwork – Easy. No pre-requisites required, suitable for absolute beginners!

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