Kadut Table Making Class


Kadut Table Making Class


The Kadut Table is a great introduction to solid wood joinery and pays homage to the traditional woodcraft once practiced in the home of woodworking in Sungei Kadut. The class will take beginners through the basics of hand-cut joinery, specifically the sliding dovetail and open mortise joinery. These 2 joinery types are some of the fundamentals of solid wood joinery, and this project is loaded with these joints. Completion of this class will allow you to start designing your own furniture and tackle more complicated joinery in the future.

The class is taught in a 3 hour + 3 hour format each week, 3 hours of focused class time and 3 hours of free-and-easy joinery practice. The schedule is flexible and you can come back to complete your work anytime throughout the week from Tuesday to Sunday.

*Displayed here is the larger study table size, the standard table starts at 500x700mm.

Time Commitment

30 hours++

Project Coverage

60 days unlimited usage to complete the project.

Class Registration


+65 91178440

7 Mandai Link #10-22 S728653