Knife Making Class – Integral Bolster Knife


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Knife Making Class – Integral Bolster Knife


This course is for returning Intermediate-level students who are unfazed by the forging process they experienced and would like to move on to forging a bolstered knife from a square billet. As with all metalworking classes, participants should be prepared for exposure to noise, heat and potentially small cuts, scalding and bruises from working with metal.

Time Commitment

3 hours x 8-10 sessions, flexible scheduling.


You must complete a Nashiji/Kurouchi Gyuto or any other basic forging class first, please speak to your instructor after graduation to arrange for this class.

Please select class date by scrolling through the Calendar below, clicking on the arrows changes the months.

If you are booking for someone as a gift, just choose a random date first and then inform us via phone, we will take note to reschedule once they receive the gift.


x 3 hours

Charcoal Forge

Steel Types

We offer a high carbon steel by default, with stainless steels as options. Our basic steel changes according to availability. Stainless steels will require more time and effort for the forging and grinding process.

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Gift Card!

Buy this class as a gift card, we’d send you an email/whatsapp gift card that you can print out or send to your family and friends! All Gift Cards are transferable to Credits, so they can use the card amount on other classes too.

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