Forge A Gyuto


Gyuto literally means “cow-knife” and is the Japanese version of a larger chefs knife. Usually between 180m to 210mm, this is a much easier knife to make than chisel-ground Japanese knives. It is a highly recommended to take our basic chef’s knife class before attempting a gyuto, but feel free to jump into this project if you don’t mind a bit more effort and making some mistakes.

Cover hot forging, hardening, tempering and polishing in one full day’s class. The material used is 1050C, which is a medium carbon steel that will be oil quenched for a perfect balance of strength and toughness. If this is your 2nd or 3rd attempt, you can now opt for higher quality steels to attempt more challenging designs and also water quenching.

This project is taught alongside all 1-day knife models so you can always change your knife design on the day of the class.

Class starts at 10AM, with a lunch break at 1PM (We have a canteen in the same building), resumes at 2PM and ends at 5PM.

You will bring home your very own knife at the end of the session!

Now available in 1095 or 15N20 Steels!

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