Electric Guitar/Bass Kits


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Electric Guitar/Bass Kits


These are all the wood materials and industrial materials you’d need to attend the Electric Guitar/Bass Making Class.

Please make sure to REGISTER for the class before purchasing any materials.

You will still need to purchase your own hardware/electronics as these are not sold by us.

Call us at +65 91178440 for any request for special woods or specifications.

Students need to be 16 years and older to attend unsupervised.

Build Choice

We have some standard builds that we offer on this class, we can also design custom builds for you at a rate. Do note that these are not clones of industry models, just adaptions. Please call 91178440 in advance to clarify.

All body shapes are customisable, you only need a custom project if your specs are completely off from the general design.

Body Blank

Standard Body Blanks are 45mm x 340mm x 550mm.

Thickness of Body Blank

Body Blanks are 45mm by default, if you’d like a thinner guitar please indicate.

Pickup Routing Template

Choose Your Pickup Configuration so we can prepare the routing templates for you.

Neck Blank

Standard Neck Blanks are 21-22mm thick and scarf-jointed with a 13-14mm headstock.


Standard Fingerboards are 8mm x 60mm x 550mm.

Scale Length

All fretboards are pre-slotted by machine. Choose Your Scale Length. Make sure you only choose guitar scale lengths for standard guitar builds.

Truss Rod

Truss Rods are a crucial part of neck stability, kindly indicate the correct one for your build.

Bridge Style *

Our standard class will utilise a fixed bridge, you can opt to learn the installation for a tremolo. *** Do note that this cost does not include the cost of the bridge, you will still have to buy the bridge yourself.

Fretwire *

Choose your fretwire size. We supply nickel fretwire, enough for 1 guitar even if you make mistakes.


We follow out the body in advance before gluing a top on it. Requires selection of a top also!


Laminated tops about 4-15mm in thickness. (Required for chambering.) Please order 2 weeks in advance at least!

Head Plate

Additional Head Plate on the headstock of the guitar!


+65 91178440

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