Dancing/Freestyle Pre-forms [DIY]


*Pre-forms are not decks, and must be cut, sanded and finished with industrial machinery. Get FREE access to our workshop to make your own deck, but first-timers need to take a basic training class. Photos for illustration only, you can cut any shape you desire.

This pre-form come with radial concave and allows you to build double kick dancers between 42″ – 46″. The mild rocker provides a comfortable platform for freestyle tricks and dancing. Our dancing/freestyle preforms come with the following specifications:

-48″ x 10″
-Mild radial concave
-Mild rocker
-Mellow kicks

Jelutong core for a lightweight deck and lively flex.
-Sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass for durability.
-Your choice of top and bottom hardwood veneers.



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