Basics Of Damascus (Pattern Welding)


Basics Of Damascus (Pattern Welding)


This course is an advanced blacksmithing class where participants will be learning the techniques of forge welding, hot cutting and folding. “Damascus” steel commonly refers to pattern welded steel, which is what we are teaching in this class. True Wootz Damascus is not what we are doing here.

The projects covers the production of a basic 5 layer blank, which we will proceed to fold repeatedly to achieve 20-40 layers. Forge welding is a really difficult process so participants must master the basics of hot forging by hand first before moving forward with this class. Therefore the class is only available to those who pass our qualifying criteria.

You will be learning with Nickel steels, Tool Steels and mid carbon steels, we won’t be adding full stainless into the basic class at the moment.

Do note that forge welding is extremely difficult for beginners so you will have to follow our exact instructions for this class. You will not be able to produce your “dream” damascus in this class, just a basic random layered billet. You will have to practice forge welding repeatedly for 100s of hours in order to master the basics of pattern welding.

Class Details

Lesson 1 –  TIG Welding and Stock Preparation

Lesson 2 –  Forge Welding, Fire Management And Water Cleaning

Lesson 3 –  Preparation of Blank And First Weld at 5 layers.

Lesson 4 –  Folding Basics and Flux Application

Lesson 5 –  Folding of Actual Billet

Lesson 6  –  Reach 40 layers.

Prepare to extend by 1-2 sessions if you fail your first attempt. Do note that this class only covers the production of the billet, not the whole knife.

Time Commitment

3 hours x 8 sessions, flexible scheduling.


You must be able to forge a basic chef's knife to spec on your own before attending this class. The class is done with a charcoal forge so you must be able to operate it effectively.

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