Cheese & Chopping Board Making

Approximate Sizes

Cheese Boards are 190x500mm, Chopping Boards are 200x300mm

Class Length

3 Hours – 10AM-1PM OR 2PM-5PM

Age Requirement

16+ OR 13+ with accompanying adult.

Learn cutting and finishing while making a simple yet functional piece of woodwork. Choose from dozens of designs of cutting boards, serving boards and cheese boards.

New for 2022 – Freehand Heat Engraving is now available!

This project is suitable for ages 16 and up, or as an instructor-aided class from 13-15 years old. Chopping boards are great first projects due to it’s simplicity. Perfect as a gift for family and friends.

As with all our other courses, there is no experience required and you get to bring home the product at the end of the class.

Max class size is available up to 28 Pax, please WhatsApp 91178440 for group bookings!