The Bullfrog. 37″ long, 20/18.5″ wheelbase, board width in 9.125″ or 9.5″, luscious snappy tails at over 6″ long and pressed in wheel wells to eliminate wheel bite. Months in research to find the perfect formula for a park/bowl/freeride hybrid deck. This is the perfect deck for the spontaneous shredder, ready for anything the urban terrain can throw at it. Deep rocker makes this the ultimate street cruiser, what more could you ask for?


The Bullfrog is a symmetrical double kick-tail park/bowl/freeride hybrid. Agile, fast, robust and reactive. Meant to tackle any terrain the city can throw at it, it’s probably the one deck you would keep for the apocalypse. We worked with urban longboarders who spend lots of time in commute, from the skate park to the hills, to school and then to work. You don’t always know what you’d be skating today, but it doesn’t matter with the Bullfrog.

This deck was designed with TKP and RKP trucks in mind, for old school skateboarders who converted to longboarding and for new school freestyle longboarders. With two wheelbases specifically chosen for freeride/freestyle or bowl drop-ins, the Bullfrog feels at home at any skate jam. Pressed in wheel-wells ensures absolutely no wheel bite even with 70mm wheels while keeping the concave mild and comfortable.

Board Length: 37″
Board Width: 9.125″ or 9.5″

Kick Length: 6″/6.75″
Wheelbase: 18.5″/20″

Concave: Mild Progressive with deep rocker.

High Pressure Laminate top and bottom with quadraxial fiberglass reinforcement.
Light-weight Meranti Cores.
Epoxy Resin Lamination for a weather-proof glue bond.


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