Oil On Lacquer Finish

Oil on Lacquer Finishing

A wood finishing technique that produces an extremely smooth surface with a slight sheen, easily maintained at home with occasional applications of lemon oil.

Great for DIY projects as this does not require complicated spray equipments.

Use Abranet P60 to remove major defects (tear-outs, filled holes/stains)

Key: Ensure all defects are removed before moving on to fine sanding.

Use P80 to smoothen the surface and visible scratches left by P60, before progressing to P120 and finally P240.

Key: Avoid skipping grits. Sanding scratches left by the previous grit cannot be removed if your next grit is too fine. The next grit number should only be double of the current grit.

Guide: P60 x 2 = P120 (e.g., after using P80, do not go beyond P80 x 2 = P160 grit).

Once finely sanded, the surface is ready for lacquer sealing. We use the Invebi Fondal Base Coat as sealant because of its high solid content. Any 2K Lacquer Sealant will work well.

Ratio of Resin: Catalyst is 2:1. Dilute with thinner as required, usually another 1-2 portions.


Key: Keep brush vertical, using only the tips of the brush.

Note: 2K lacquer dries within 10-15 minutes so be careful of obvious drip marks that might be difficult to sand away completely.

Once the lacquer coat has dried, it’s time to level it by sanding with P240 grit.

Sand the entire surface until it turns cloudy throughout and feels levelled.

Tip: On bumpy surfaces, use P120 first before moving on to P240 to speed up the process.

Be careful not to over-sand and burn through the lacquer.

Once the surface has been levelled, it’s time to apply the drying oil to finish the process.

Key: Use a cotton cloth and apply generously in order for the oil to seep in.


Remove excess oil with dry part of the cloth after 5 minutes before buffing off with a fresh dry cloth.


After oiling, your table should have a slight sheen to it.


Optional Step: Lemon Oil Polish

We use Weiman’s, you can use any brand.


Again, use a generous amount and spread evenly, then buff off with a clean dry rag.

Important: Do not use lemon oil in place of drying oils, drying oils are a finish whereas lemon oil acts as a polish.


Finished product : Smooth, with a slight sheen.

Tip: Polish wood with lemon oil every 3 months to keep it looking fresh.