Modifications & Repairs

Modification and Repairs

Have an existing longboard you want to customise or repair? Here are some our services that you can use. Feel free to call +65 91178440 to find out more.

Tail Delamination Repair

  • 502 Bonding of tail laminations.
  • Sanding and rounding of tail
  • Refresh your board’s pop, not matter how badly thrashed.

Standard Repair

Fiberglass Repair for severe cases.

Reshaping of longboard

  • Cutting of board to new shape.
  • Sanding and rounding.
  • Application of oil finish on edges.
  • Drilling of 1 new wheelbase option.


Removal of graphic

  • Removal of existing paint job.
  • Sanding to bare wood to 120P

$30 per side.

Wheelbase Drilling

  • Redrilling of board to accommodate new wheelbase options.

$10 – Per Wheelbase ( 8 holes)

Phone/ WhatsApp: +65 9117 8440