Mandai Furniture Series old

Mandai Furniture Series

A Woodworking Class

Chair Making and Table Making projects featuring an adaptation of the maloof joint.

Weekly Classes on

Either Weekdays,


OR Weekends.

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A Class In Fine Woodworking.

This series comprise three different pieces of furniture featuring an adaptation of the Maloof Joint or Double Rabbet Joint. The Rocking Chair, Lounge Chair and Side Table are made from square timber stock, so you’ll be learning the use of the bandsaw and routers to shape and construct the joinery. You can choose to do either projects, or take each class consecutively. Note that the chair project takes about twice as long as to complete as the table project, and the rocking chair program extension takes another extra 4 weeks on top of the basic chair!

Next batch starting 13th -17th March 2019.

Flexible weekly time slots to suit your work schedule.

3 hours each class.
+ 3 hours of course work each week.

Expect to spend 24 hours for the Table Project
and 48 hours for the Chair Project.

Who is it for?

This series is intended for serious enthusiasts, regardless of experience, beginners are welcomed. The table project is approximately half the effort of the chair, and is a great starting point for first timers. Both classes are great introduction to solid wood joinery, and will give you a glimpse of what it takes to create a simple piece of furniture. The Rocking Chair project is more challenging and would be perfect for those really looking to internalise the skills of woodworking.

Age requirement: 16 years old to attend unsupervised, younger children can attend as a special arrangement with one-on-one instructor assistance.

Mandai Lounge Chair

Our classic lounge chair that birthed in 2017 and redesigned for 2019.

Mandai Table

The sister project to the classic lounge chair, the table is also available in numerous sizes to fit your home.

Mandai Rocker

Our latest evolution of the Mandai Chair, now available as a gentle rocker.

Made From Scratch

You will be making the furniture from raw timber, so you’d be learning every detail of fine furniture making.

Class Fees

Table Making Class fees of $880 covers 4 classes, materials for a small side table, all access to the shop over 30 days and storage of your project during that time.

Chair Making Class fees of $1580 covers 8 classes, materials for the complete lounge chair, all access to the shop over 60 days and storage of your project during that time.

SkillsFuture Eligible

Yes these classes are SkillsFuture funded (CRS-N-0043554 – Chair Making) and (CRS-N-0048163 – Table Making), so you can pay part of your class fees with SkillsFuture credit, claims must be made prior to course commencement.


Need a special arrangement for your classes?

Call us at +65 91178440 to find out if we can accommodate your schedule.

Attend the Classes 

Each class series runs consecutively for 4 OR 8 weeks. So make time to attend each week’s class and finish the course work.

Choose 1 or 2 time slots a week at your convenience.

Classes on weekdays, weeknights or weekends.

Put in the extra hours.

For first timers, most students take about 24 hours for table, 48 hours for the chair and about 72 hours for the rocking chair, there are no extra charges for using the workshop during the project period (30 days for tables, 60 days for chairs, 90 days for the rocking chairs) so do make time to come back during this period.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday 10am-5pm
Wednesday 10am-5pm
Thursday 10am-9pm
Friday 10am-9pm
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 10am-5pm

Strive for Perfection

Our students are always surprised when they complete their first pieces. Furniture is a craft that requires more patience than skills and talent, with your handwork and our guidance, you will produce custom shop quality on your first attempt.

Express yourself.

While learning the furniture making process, there is room for creativity when it comes to height and the form of the pieces. No two pieces will be alike.

Exposed Joinery.

You will be spending hours perfecting each joint, just so you can show it off on the outside.


Discover the fine craftsman in you.

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