Malacca Series

A Woodworking and Upholstery Class

Inspired by the cafe culture of Jonker Street, we’ve designed these upholstered chairs and couches as a complement to the fine woodwork taught at our Mandai workshop.

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OR Weekends.

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Introduction to Woodworking and Upholstery.

The Malacca Series currently comprise a chair and a couch. Each is made with a rigid lap-jointed frame with hand sculpted arm rests, and an upholstered back and seat. With an emphasis on two styles of upholstery, each project covers the production of a zippered cushion and also a stapled fixed-upholstery method that combines wood, foam and fabric. You’d be using bandsaws, tablesaws, hand tools and also industrial lockstitch machines. This will equip you with foundational skills for future furniture projects.

Next batch starting March 2019.

Flexible weekly time slots to suit your work schedule.

8 x 3 hour sessions.

Expect to spend 24 hours for the basic chair.

Who is it for?

This is an entry level project perfect for those interested in learning woodworking and upholstery. While the emphasis is on sewing and foaming, there is a significant portion of wood carving and basic lap joinery. It is less strenous than all-wood projects, but requires more focus due to the sewing components.

Age requirement: 16 years old to attend unsupervised, younger children can attend as a special arrangement with one-on-one instructor assistance.

Malacca Chair

A beautifully upholstered chair with a solid wood frame that’s a perfect accent to any living space.

Malacca Couch

The couch seats two, and is pictured here with a high back that lets you fall asleep gently. You can also bring a friend or family member to join you for this project.

Made From Scratch

As with all our classes, every component made by hand. Each student will be taught hand stitching, machine stitching, hand carving and basic joinery skills.

Class Fees

Basic fees of $1750 covers 8 classes and materials for the complete Malacca Chair. Various options for fabrics are available as upgrades.

The two seater couch is an extension of the class, at a surcharge of $450.

SkillsFuture Eligible

Yes this class is also available as an extension of our SkillsFuture Funded “Practical Woodworking” program.


Need a special arrangement for your classes?

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Attend the Classes 

Attend 8 sessions throughout a period of 8 weeks or less to complete this project.

Classes are available on weekdays, weekenights or weekends.

Timber And Fabrics

This projects covers an extensive scope of both woodworking and upholstery. Students have access to the shop for a 60 day period to hone their skills, allowing for ample time to finish their work even if they make a mistake.

Workshop Hours:

Tuesday 10am-5pm
Wednesday 10am-5pm
Thursday 10am-9pm
Friday 10am-9pm
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 10am-5pm

Impress Yourself

Upholstery adds a unique touch to your woodwork. With patience and care, you will be impressed by what you can create at our workshop.

Customise Your Work

The best part about upholstered furniture is the opportunity to use different fabrics, wools and foams to achieve a different look and structure. Additionally, the height of the chair and back can all be adjusted according to your preference. Each piece will thus be unique to the craftsman.

Wood Joinery

All frames are crafted from solid timber, just like all our other furniture projects.


Discover the fine craftsman in you.

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