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Table Making

Every Friday and Saturday Morning.

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Class Structure

This furniture course is the companion course to our popular Chair Making Class, it covers a similar double rabbet joinery structure and extensive hand sculpting. The table is made from square timber stock, so you’d be learning the use of the bandsaw and routers to shape and construct the joinery.

Time slots available

Fri 10am


Sat 10AM

Attend any timeslot at your convenience.

3 hours each session
++ extra work
Expect to spend 24 hours approximately on this project.

Who is it for?

This class is a relatively beginner friendly class that you can pick up without any experience at all. Choose the standard size table to make it easier on your hands for first-timers, or go for the bigger table sizes to really challenge yourself. It is a great introduction to solid wood joinery, and will give you a glimpse of what it takes to create a simple piece of furniture.

For those who have some experience and would like to skip ahead to execute their own furniture design, our open-ended Practical Woodworking class might be more suitable.

Made From Scratch

You will be making the table from scratch, so you’d be learning every detail of fine furniture making.

Class Fees

Class fees of $880 covers 4 classes, materials for a small side table, all access to the shop over 30 days and storage of your project.

Need a special arrangement for your classes?

Call us at +65 91178440 to find out if we can accommodate your schedule.

Attend the Classes 

Each project has 4 classes and the same class is taught twice a week.

Main class demonstration starts on the dot, so please don’t be late!

Put in the extra hours.

For first timers, it would be difficult to achieve perfection within the standard workshop hours. Our shop is available for refining your project for a 30 day period free-of-charge.

Workshop Hours: We’re closed on Monday, open 10am-5pm otherwise.

Exceed your own expectations.

Our students are always surprised when they complete their first table. Furniture is a craft that requires more patience than skills and talent, with your handwork and our guidance, you will produce custom shop quality on your first attempt.

Express yourself.

While the joinery of the table is fixed, there is room for creativity when it comes to height, length, and the form of the table. No two tables will be alike.

Exposed Joinery.

You will be spending hours perfecting each joint, just so you can show it off on the outside.

September 2018

Discover the fine craftsman in you.

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