Knife Making

A Metalworking Class

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Knife Making – An Introduction to Metalworking and Blacksmithing

This series of classes covers the fundamental techniques of forging, belt grinding, polishing and sharpening. Once the basic blade is completed, you’d also be taught on heat treatment for annealing and hardening before the final bevel is ground. This course also covers some basic woodworking skills for making the knife handles. Knife making is a great project to get started on metalworking as the product is small and manageable which allows you to fine tune the work extensively.

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Who is it for?

This series is designed for first time knife makers or passionate enthusiasts. Scroll down to browse the selection of knife projects we are currently teaching at different levels of difficulty. Participants should be prepared for exposure to noise, heat and potentially small cuts, scalding and bruises from working with metal.

Age requirement: 18 years old to attend, for younger participants please call 91178440.

Gyuto/Chef’s Knife

Make yourself a classic Japanese Gyuto/Chef’s Knife. This class starts off with precision milled steel stock. The steel is removed by coarse sanding belts and an angle grinder to produce a bevel and cutting edge. The wooden handle is then made from scratch before it is attached to the blade. This class focuses on blade profile grinding, finishing and sharpening and you should expect to bring home one of the sharpest and most balanced knives in your kitchen.

Nashiji/Kurouchi Gyuto

This class covers an intermediate level forging technique. The knife blank is forged to exact thickness, taper and bevel before hardening and grinding. This allows the texture of the hammering process to remain on the spine of the blade. The degree of polishing then determines if it’s a Kurouchi(Black) or Nashiji(Polished) knife. A challenging project that will train you on the fundamentals of knife forging. You can also opt to remove the texture completely to produce a flat polish knife. This class is also a pre-requisite to our heavy forging classes.

Half Bolster Chef’s Knife

This heavy forging class covers the forging of a knife from a steel billet, allowing the creation of a steel bolster and a hidden tang. Completion of the class should equip you with the foundational skills of knife forging, you can then go on to explore more advanced knife forms in the future. Due to the technical complexities and higher physical intensity of billet forging, all participants are required to complete an intermediate forging class before attending this.

 Learn From Scratch

Learn the entire knife making process from raw materials. The end product will be completely personalised and you’d have a hands-on understanding of each and every step.

Heat Treatment

We will be covering the basics of hardening, tempering and annealing of the blade. These heat treatment processes allow you to fine tune the hardness and toughness of the steel.


Learn the fundamentals knife sharpening and maintenance. We have a full range of whetstones available at our shop.

Attend the Classes 

Book your first session, then schedule for either weekly classes or speed up the process by coming for more sessions each week.

Classes available on weekdays, weeknights or weekends.

Fine Tuning Your Work

Our workshop is open outside of class hours for you to work on your knife. You can come back anytime within the cover period to refine your work.

The cover period is:

3 weeks for Basic Gyuto

5 weeks for Nashiji Gyuto

8 weeks for Half Bolster Knife


Opening Hours:

Tuesday 10am-5pm
Wednesday 10am-5pm
Thursday 10am-9pm
Friday 10am-9pm
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 10am-5pm

Extension of cover period at $3/day.

Tailor Your Knife To Your Needs

As each knife is hand made, you get to fine tune each aspect of the grind. Every knife will have it’s own character and no two will be the same.

Leave Your Mark 

Experiment with each technique to detail your work, find out from our instructors how to achieve certain effects, we will advise if it’s within the workshop’s capabilities.


Discover the blacksmith in you.

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