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Full Time Team Positions

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Craftsman Apprentice

Entry Pay Offer:


Qualifications Required:

  • Craft Experience (Hobby/Professional)
  • Good Communication Ability in English and Mother Tongue.

Other Relevant Skills:

  • Service Line Experience
  • Teaching Experience
  • Full-Time Work Experience
  • Warehousing Experience

Working Hours:





Job Description

Instructors at Tombalek assists with daily classes in woodworking, metalworking and glassmaking. This includes learning woodworking, metalworking and glassblowing skills and general workshop maintenance skills.

You will be learning other auxiliary skills like wood turning and tool making to broaden your knowledge.

Responsibilities start from conducting basic single day classes to increasingly complex multi-day classes with demanding student management and curriculum development scope.

This position is open to entry-level jobseekers and also to those who bring with them craft, administrative and logistic skills from previous jobs.

We offer apprenticeships for those who don’t have significant craft experience. So if you’re willing to learn on the job, you can join us at the lower end of the payscale.


2-5 years. Due to the extensive training involved, this position is only for committed long term individuals.