Buying Guide

Buying Guide

I can’t find the sizes I need!

If you need a larger size than those listed, kindly call us at 91178440 or whatsapp to request for larger stock.

If you need an exact size, we offer resizing and chopping for free and you can just indicate in the product cart the dimensions you’d like to resize/cut the wood to.


Do note our dimensional accuracies are +/-0.5mm for Thickness measurements and +/- 1mm for Length and Width measurements.

Are your timbers one piece?

Not all our timbers are single piece timbers, due to the restrictions on import cross section sizes, we are not always able to offer very wide stock (200mm and above) in single pieces.

Timbers above 150mm in width are usually glue-joined, with no dowels or interface. We use the best polyurethane adhesive in the process, with our expert grain matching experience, the glue lines are hardly noticeable. Structurally the wood will be stronger and more stable after lamination than before.

If you have a need for specifically one piece wood, kindly contact us at 91178440 to make arrangements.

Are all your stocks listed?

Almost! Due to the variable nature of wood, we are not able to list all our stocks online, but almost everything is here. We always have a reserve section of exotic species and special dimensions at the shop. If you can’t find what you need, please whatsapp Guangjun at 91178440 to make a request.

Remember to include 3 dimensions and the indicated species:
“Length x Width x Thickness in Species”

We won’t be able to process your request without all 4 information, so please whatsapp/text 91178440 if you aren’t sure about how to specify.

Do you deliver the timber?

Yes, we have a flat rate for small orders, and free delivery over $50. So if you don’t intend to use our workshop space, you can always get the wood delivered to your door and start your project at home or school.

*Once the wood leaves our shop they no longer qualify for free use of the workshop, please contact 91178440 for re-entry rates.

Do note that we require lift access for all deliveries, if your location is hard to deliver to, please give us a call at 91178440 to clarify.

Quantity discounts/concession.

Need a large quantity of wood for a project? If your project is estimated to hit one of the following criteria:
1) Over $1000 in webstore value before discount.

2) Over 20 pieces of the same item and over $300 in webstore value before discount.

We can offer you a discounted rate, please contact 91178440.

What do the timbers ACTUALLY look like?

In our individual product photography, we use no filters and edits, so you see the actual photographs as taken on a typical smartphone camera. However, we also include some photos of finished timbers, usually saturated with a finish to bring out the grain pattern.

Here you can see some examples of BEFORE and AFTER photographs of various woods:

The best way to see the wood of course, is to come down in person. Usually our customers will make one trip down to see the stuff and make future orders from home/work. Feel free to call +65 91178440 for any recommendations.

*We offer no guarantee on the aesthetics of the wood grain unless you hand pick the pieces in person.


Bank Transfer

If you have trouble making payment on our web store credit card system, we accept bank transfers to the following account:

UOB Bank Account: 324-304-922-7
Branch  Code: 012

Any unanswered questions? Contact Us