Chair Making

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(FINAL run before program ends)

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Introduction to Fine Woodworking

This furniture course covers the crafting of a modern european style chair, with double rabbet joinery sculpted to appear seamless and flowing. The chairs are made from square timber stock, so you’d be learning the use of the bandsaw and routers to shape and construct the joinery required to hold the chair together. The rest of the work is hand rasping and carving and a whole lot of sanding.

8 Weekly Sessions Starting

22nd-26th Aug

Each class is repeated in 7 timeslots:

Wednesday 10am

Thursday 10am/7pm

Saturday 2pm

Sunday 10am/2pm

Attend any timeslot at your convenience.

3 hours each session
++ extra work
Expect to spend 48 hours approximately on this project.

Why make one?

Chairs are functional objects, and a great first project if you’re looking to learn about fine woodworking and furniture making. Not only does it have to be well made and look beautiful, the form of the chair has to be comfortable. As such, chair making is our favourite project for developing the skills of the beginner.

Class Fees

Class fees of $1380 covers 8 classes, all access to the shop over 60 days and storage of your project.

SkillsFuture Eligible

Yes this class is a SkillsFuture funded class (CRS-N-0043554), so you can pay part of your class fees with SkillsFuture credit, claims must be made prior to course commencement.

Need a special arrangement for your classes?

Call us at +65 91178440 to find out if we can accommodate your schedule.

Attend the Classes 

Come for our weekly chair making class on between Wednesday and Sunday. We have all the tools and equipment to guarantee your project a success.


Main class demonstration starts on the dot, so please don’t be late. 

Aug-Oct 2018 Schedule

Wednesday- 10am

Thursday – 10am/7pm

Saturday -2PM

Sunday – 10am/2pm

22nd-26th Aug – Router Dadoing and Bandsaw Work

29th Aug-2nd Sep – Router Rabbeting and Contour Cuts

5th-9th Sep –  Seat Forming

12th-16th Sep – Arm and Back Rest Positioning and Joinery Refinement

19th-23rd Sep – Arm Sculpting

26th-30th Sep – Glue Up

3rd-7th Oct – Joint Blending and Final Carving

10th-14th Oct – Final Sanding and Oiling

Make Up Classes?

If you can’t make it for the standard classes, we can do a special makeup class for you at $90 additional per session.

August 2018 Batch

Our FINAL batch start date is Late August. Book in advance if you need to apply for SkillsFuture Claims.

Put in the extra hours.

For first timers, it would be difficult to achieve perfection within the standard workshop hours. Our shop is available for use for refining your project during the 60 days course period.

Workshop Hours: We’re closed on Monday, open 10am-5pm otherwise.

Made From Scratch

You will be making the chair from scratch, so you’d be learning every detail of fine furniture making.

Exceed your own expectations.

Our students are always surprised when they complete their first chair. Furniture is a craft that requires more patience than skills and talent, with your handwork and our guidance, you will produce custom shop quality on your first attempt.

Express yourself.

While the structure of the chair is fixed, there is room for creativity when it comes to sculpting the form of the chair. No two chairs will be alike.

Exposed Joinery.

You will be spending hours perfecting each joint, just so you can show it off on the outside.

Aug 2018

Discover the fine craftsman in you.

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